The Agadir n-Gouf

Above the road on the left, about 2km south of Talat-n-Yakoub, there is a hilltop Agadir. This square castle commands excellent views over the valley and looks as ancient and as and as strong as the hills. It was built as a stronghold in 1907, the year after the Glaoui and M’Touggi had ravaged the valley. Fearing their return, Si Taieb kept what he treasured most – his horses- safe in the Agadir. Stabled around the enormous central court, which was built around a fissure in the hill. Large reception rooms were added later and traces of their elaborate carved plasterwork can still be seen. The Agadir is now completely uninhabited. It is easier to walk up to it from the north, where a path winds down the valley.

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Day excursion to Ijoukak Valley including lunch

Drive to the Atlas Mountains, 100km from Marrakech, to visit a local village and mosque, eat home-cooked meals, and try your hand at clay tajine-making.